Gratuitous southern vampires (with bonus bad photoshopping!)

HBO have released some character poster-shots on their official True Blood FB page, since Season 3 starts in the US on Sunday night. The characters are hooee-hot as hell, but they have been airbrushed just a tad. There’s drop-dead gorgeousness for all, although I’m slightly miffed that Hoyt Fortenberry didn’t get a shout out for this poster set.

Description: an especially lurid section of Louisiana swampland is the bio-luminescently enhanced setting for True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård) (Eric Northman), Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse), Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby), Kristin Bauer (Pam), Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette Reynolds), Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton), Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse), Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte), and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) to turn up the smoulder factor to ludicrous levels. There are wolves. And a python. And skulls.

For those who’ve read the books, this season we get to see Crystal Norris, Alcide Herveaux and Debbie Pelt make their debuts. Buckle in for the ride, mes amis.

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  1. AND I believe this season the cast gets even more Australasia-licious with Grant Bowler OM NOM NOM.

  2. So looking forward to this storyline playing out on the screen. 🙂 Not least for Alcide’s upsetting contrast to certain other menfolk… well, upsetting *for* certain other menfolk. Still hanging out for certain large cats to make their appearance…
    And oh dear, some of that photoshopping…. [sigh] congratulations for erasing some of my favouritest aspects of certain pretties’ pretties. [glares]

  3. Having now finished ogling Grant Bowler and looked at the horrid ‘shopping, seriously, WHAT? One of the major, major reasons I love True Blood is that so many of the characters are just slightly off-conventionally attractive, and gritty, and often covered in grime and sweat and reality. But no, let’s just put out advertising that makes them look bland and plastic and uninteresting.
    And Deborah Ann Woll does not need that level of editing and awkward back-arching to look stunning.

  4. Season 3. OMG, I can’t wait!

  5. …and where’s the Andy & Terry Bellefleur posters? Where?

  6. I watched 2 episodes of True Blood last night because DH just happened to be watching it while I was messing around on the computer. I have all of the books on which the series is based, and didn’t want to watch the series because I’m always disappointed by the way the series/movies never live up to the books (the characters aren’t the way I pictured them, etc).
    Those 2 episodes last night, I don’t remember anything about a maenad in the books, and none of the characters I saw were even remotely as I pictured them when I was reading the books.
    Now, if I had never read the books, I would probably like the series, but it’s just too hard to watch it and say to myself “that didn’t happen in the books” or “it didn’t happen that way in the books”. I’m ambivalent about whether I’ll ever watch True Blood, simply because it’s just not the books, and I love the books.

  7. Of course, vesta44, if you have book-preference, then that’s kinda the way it is. But there was definitely a maenad in the books. It played out a lil differently, but she was definitely, definitely there. And I’m glad that some of the characters look different (though I retain my vague unhappiness with the slip-of-a-thing-ness of Anna Paquin—even though it’s only vague because I do like the Paquin—mostly because one of the things I liked about the books was that Sookie was generally acknowledged to be pretty damn sexy because of, not despite, her roundness). And I am so, *so* grateful on a whole range of levels for the flesh-and-blood version of Lafayette. And Tara (who was white in the books, and introduced a lot later…)
    I’ve read all the books too, but I seem to have somehow developed a ‘different media, just plain different’ approach to these things. Which I am grateful for, given the plethora of movies/tv-of-books that abound! 🙂

  8. @WP: I’m much the same as you, and I entirely put it down to being a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  9. Or rather a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy FAN. *headdesk*

  10. And there I was imagining you adorned with a rather fetching DON’T PANIC sticker somewhere prominent 🙂

  11. Yes, I was wondering how one became a HHGTTG. Because that would be WIN.
    I’m not entirely sure how I developed the ‘they’re different stories’ thing, except that movies and books usually *are* entirely different stories. It’s not just that filmic versions tend to be shorter. It’s also that they tell stories about different things: there’s a limit, for example, to how much ‘inner life’ a movie/tv show can film, which is particularly striking, I think, with Sookie.
    Anyway, totally OT, but I’m glad I can enjoy films/tv shows of books. Especially this one. 😀 See above, re: Lafayette 😉

  12. Eeek! June 13!!? Hurrah!

    • That’s when Season 3 starts on HBO in the States, FP – I don’t know how long it will take for it to hit Showcase here. They tend to fast-track more and more of these very popular shows, so fingers crossed!

  13. That’s it, I’m getting a hot-pink DON’T PANIC tattoo somewhere and it will be all your fault, tigtog and WP.

  14. There are some things I feel bad about enabling people about, but I see nothing but awesomeness in this plan, QoT!! 😀

  15. And Deborah Ann Woll does not need that level of editing and awkward back-arching to look stunning.
    She and Rutina Wesley barely look human at all in those pictures; more like 3D poser figures.

  16. Aunt B. at Tiny Cat Pants liveblogged the first episode of Season 3 in the US, and kept it all at teasers rather than spoilers, so please: enjoy.

  17. Oh this odious piece of crap. I can’t believe you people watch this utter rubbish. Oh I don’t care about any books, as if, I don’t care about the show. Snicker. Where’s your heads at? So what if Bill Compton aka Rhett Butler is 2500 years older than Sookie and has a conscience, doesn’t stop the freaky freak from thinking about the age difference does it? And what the frack kind of name is Sookie anyway? Too bad Rene didn’t get her with a name like that. I don’t even care if the show makes any sense at all, what with a maenad that was once a human looking for a god that doesn’t exist, stupid stupid maenad, and those avert your gaze black eyed orgies every single fracking episode – may as well have called it Underbelly 24 – the Supernatural Version. And so what if Lafayette wears way too much makeup all the time – who cares if I like his eyeshadow and want it? I don’t even care that no one did us a favour and ripped Tara’s mum’s heart out thats for sure. I don’t thank you for that Jesus, no I do not.
    Nope, not at all. In fact, mostly I DO NOT care about this:
    I mean, what is that?
    You are confused aren’t you? Well then, take another look then:
    I hope we are clear now.

  18. Oh god I am so glad I am finally into the same pop cultural phenomenon that you’re all into – been feeling so out of it for so long. Weeeeeeeee for True Blood.

  19. Dammit, I was going to go to bed, but I went and watched that video and now I have to put a True Blood dvd on and sit here for at least one episode. Its necessary I tell you!

  20. Bollocks, I got so excited there that I misplaced an apostrophe. Here it is: ‘

  21. This really isn’t a derail – do you guys watch the latest series of Underbelly at all?
    I just can’t get past the resemblance of Diarmid Heidenreich,who plays the way nasty Eddie ‘Parrot’ Gould, to Eric. Although Eric doesn’t have the toothbrush moustache.
    I’m trying to find a photo ‘Parrot’ on line, but finding one where he’s not doing something nasty is not easy.

  22. Mindy, one of those faces makes my stomach flip with joy and the other one does not. My innards say there is little resemblence between the two.

    ; )

  23. Fair enough bluemilk. Eric is a bit meh for me *hides*. Eddie Gould as portrayed in Underbelly scares the crap out of me (plus it’s Dougie the Pizza boy).
    Now Bill is another matter entirely.

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