This is Domestic Violence Culture: Tim Westwood on Big Brother Big Mouth

Reality TV show Big Brother has just started its eleventh and final series in the UK. BBUK has a chat show that airs after each episode, Big Brother Big Mouth. The format of BBBM is that there are two or three invited guests who give their opinions on the housemates and goings-on in the house, followed by audience participation questions. It is all hosted by Davina McCall, who also hosts the BBUK show itself.

The show took a little heat last year when soccer player and housemate Vinnie Jones cracked a “joke” about Davina walking “like a retard”, and Davina responded by attempting to imitate the walk of someone with muscle spasticity. [Video and transcript here.]

The first episode of BBBM this year, following the launch episode in which new housemates were announced and entered the house, had this by guest Tim Westwood (Pimp My Ride UK presenter) [WARNING]:


[over footage of Caoimhe being chosen to enter the house] Davina: So, Caoimhe: She’s currently studying Spanish and French. She says she has the coolest hair ever, and her friends call her Rihanna. She thinks there’s something sexy about chavs, and people who say “it’s the taking part that counts” are talking shit. Westwood?

Westwood: Well, she’s definitely the white Rihanna, but I’m hoping that she’ll meet her Chris Brown.

Davina: [shocked look]

Westwood: I’m sorry, it’s how I feel. It’s how I feel.

Davina [turning to other guest]: I mean – John –

John: [attempts to talk]

Westwood [interrupting]: I would like to be her Chris Brown. [smiles]

Words fail me.

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  1. Wow! Wow, that’s disgusting.

  2. Holy shit. I just. Wow. Vom.

  3. My reaction: mouth opening and closing, no words available. There are no words for something like this.
    It is just wrong. And anger-making. And absolutely awful.
    Plus, let me guess, there has been no outcry, no calls for him to lose his position as a TV presenter, etc etc.
    I just hope anyone who would consider having any kind of relationship with Westwood gets to see this video, so they get to find out in some way that does not involve their own direct experience that he’s the kind of guy who wants to control women with violence.

    • Goodness: how very, very fortunate some people around the Yorkshire Dales are to have a ray of sunshine such as Josh Wisbey (aka josh_da_timmy) as part of their lives.

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