Trouble commenting? It’s not just you!

UPDATE The Second: as you can see, things are looking a bit more familiar. Sometime over the next week I’ll incorporate our hoyden images ~ tigtog

UPDATE The First: I seem to have fixed the commenting problem but haven’t got the custom look (to which you are accustomed) back yet. ~ tigtog

Tigtog and I are aware that at least some people (including ourselves) are having trouble commenting at Hoyden at the moment. Tigtog is working hard to try to figure out why and fix it.

If you need to contact us, drop us a line at @hoydenabouttown on twitter.

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  1. OK, absolutely every plugin is now turned off.

  2. testing with one plugin

  3. It’s bloody Akismet again!
    They’d only just fixed it after last time it went wonky, and the latest upgrade has wonkified it again!

  4. Poor thing is probably working too hard. Sifting through all that spam must be tiring.

    Is Askimet also responsible for the old blogroll?

  5. OKay, I’ve reactivated most of the plugins, but I’m going out so I’m leaving the blog as is for the night.

  6. Old blogroll, Mindy?

  7. Can’t find bluemilk, Inastrangeland or Bek’s blog – haven’t looked for others yet. Maybe it has squished itself up or something, it doesn’t look long enough.

  8. I swear it’s making a liar out of me – now you can scroll down beyond the end of the alphabetical blogroll (which seems quite short anyway) to categories which seems to be complete.

  9. The temporary style is making me think about perception of blogs caused by their themes. Is Hoyden still Hoyden without… the Hoyden graphics?

  10. I know what you mean – it feels kinda stark, doesn’t it?

  11. It doesn’t look very cheezburger friendly. i can haz cheez?

  12. Mmmmm.
    Continuing with the best derail ever, how did it come about that I was so late to the gorgonzola party? I’ve only been eating it for a year. For shame.

  13. There’s a party?

  14. Gorgonzola makes a party in your mouth!

  15. Yeah, a party of DISGUSTING GREEN MOULD.
    You’ll be claiming that raw oysters are edible next.

  16. I hear also that some spore bearing fungi found growing on rotting leaves are edible. Nah!

  17. Someone told me the other day that people up in the city pay big money for stuff that pigs dig up. Not sure I’d want anything to do with something a pig had dug up.

  18. You don’t want to know about this special coffee bean I heard about…

    • Derailing the derail – I just found a nifty plugin wot pulls LJ/DW etc avatars to adorn your comments so long as you include your journal’s URL in the comments field – go on, give it a try!
      (ETA: See, I just edited my URL field to show my DW URL, and voila!)

  19. OK, other people are having trouble commenting again – testing

  20. testing
    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

    • Ok, HashCash has the hates for you again, L.
      I’ve deactivated CommentLuv for the moment now – can a few other people try again?

  21. testing again cos tigtog asked me to.

  22. Well, that seemed to improve nothing. Bugger.

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