The Great Renaming of 2010

It seems that just about every policy in the Govt’s stable is up for having a new label slapped on it.

Any suggestions for them while they’re at it?

Humpty Dumpty and Alice in Alice in Wonderland

When I Use a Word, It Means Just What I Choose It to mean, Neither More nor Less

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  1. Apparently the “junior miners” i.e. smaller mining corporations are not so happy with the new MRRT
    Miners break ranks to attack PM Julia Gillard’s new tax plans

    • Of course, the new MMRT that the big mining corporations are now happy with is still not set in stone. This is just negotiation about what will be in the bill that the government takes before the parliament, which won’t actually happen until after this coming election, by which time the Greens may well (should) hold the balance of power in the Senate and if so will no doubt insist on some adjustments before agreeing to pass it.

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