Election Week 3: Zombie Apocalypse

No sooner does the former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd get up from his convalescent bed to stump for Labor in a press conference than the former Prime Minister John Howard starts lurching about, speechifying for the LNP Coalition at a Sydney fundraiser.

A cartoon from Kudelka, part of his 101 uses for a John Howard series - this one shows a graveyard under a full moon, and a shambling John Howard heading off to eat some brains

101 Uses for a John Howard - #83: Zombie | A 2007 cartoon by Kudelka

What next, former Prime Ministerial killer bees?

Seriously, the campaign becomes more bizarre every day. Both Rudd and Howard are very strong campaigners, arguably both much stronger campaigners than their respective successors as leaders of their parties, and both are, to a certain segment of the electorate, more attractive than the current contenders for PM. How this dynamic will play out to swing voters in marginal seats is anybody’s guess.

Any predictions?

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  1. One of the most disturbing things I have seen on TV over the last 24 hours (and played incessantly) is the new mining ad.
    “You’re gonna get whacked”. Replete with imagery of women holding bags of groceries being knocked for six.
    Am I alone in finding this not only extremely inappropriate, but possibly counter-productive? Kind of reinforces the meme of these guys as a bunch of thugs, I woud have thought …

  2. I bet the media spins it as Rudd coming to the rescue of the Labor party but is strangely silent on the re-emergence of Howard (Abbott must be worried). Prove me wrong MSM, prove me wrong!

  3. @chinda63
    It does sound DV like.
    I wonder if we will gets ads saying ‘Australia’s richest man doesn’t want to pay more tax – Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest Mining Magnate’ (I’m not calling him a miner). That would change people’s minds about him.

  4. Honestly, I want to be more engaged with this election but I can only stand to look through my fingers from behind the sofa. I know the result that I hope for, but I’m frightened that the Labor campaign is blowing its chances by repeatedly walking wide-eyed into media set-ups without a breakthrough sound-bite to overcome the editorial agenda.
    Today we saw Mark Latham popping up for his chance at hogging the headlines, and the MSM took that ball and ran with it like a mad ball-running thing.
    What about the seniors policy announcements that were the ostensible reason for Julia Gillard’s press conference today? What would it have taken for them to get a decent run?

    • Mark Latham’s journalism career may have ended after this interview with Julia Gillard

      After seeing the vision of Mr Latham’s questioning of the Prime Minister while representing the 60 Minutes program, the network boss said he believed the conduct of the interview was inappropriate.
      “I’m all for freedom of speech and robust scrutiny of our public figures, but my strong view of today’s exchange is that it crossed the line,” he said.
      “The Prime Minister of Australia, whomever that might be and whatever their political stripe, deserves to be treated with a due level of respect.
      “I think that was missing today.”
      Mr Gyngell said he had made his opinion “clearly understood” at 60 Minutes and had apologised to Ms Gillard on behalf of the network.

  5. I know exactly what you mean tigtog about peering through fingers from behind the sofa. It really is terrifying. And what do you do? I mean the way both parties are racing for Right Winger Of the Year isn’t going to change no matter what I do between now and 21 August. I’m doing small things like donating, displaying GetUp placards, volunteering to be present for GetUp at the polls etc, but I can’t help feeling like all that is about me making myself feel better than being of statistical significance and that the momentum of this election lies with the media and anti-women sentiment. And how do you have proper conversations with people when really the issue is HOW, how, HOW can they think of voting in Tony Abbott after all they’ve heard him say!?

  6. @fp: Precisely! I just keep finding myself practically incapable of actually having conversations with folks supporting Abbott about the election because my brain can’t get past “WHY WHAT HOW IS THIS HAPPENING I DON’T EVEN KNOW *shutdown*” And then I just want to crawl into a corner and try to wake up.

  7. Yes…sigh. I just can’t cope with the possibility of Abbott being PM so I tend to shut down and figure I’ll save the shock/grief reactions for *if* it happens and just hope for a miracle (and WHY should it be a miracle for a country not to elect that man!?)

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