Barbara Moore’s book launch today in Melbourne: Cosmic Collisions and Falling Bodies

With apologies for the late notice. Please also note that Barbara Moore’s book has now been published by MacMillan, and her sister will be receiving her Master’s degree this weekend.

Last Year we posted an obituary honouring the life and work of Barbara Moore, a remarkably courageous and comically gifted feminist writer and poet, who despite chronic extreme pain and disability from rheumatoid arthritis contracted in early childhood, completed a memoir for her Master of Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne.

Today, on Friday 20 August just over a year after Barbara’s death, Macmillan Art Publishing is launching her book of poems, full of wit and wonder and defiance, Cosmic Collisions and Falling Bodies, superbly illustrated by her great friend Roma McLaughlin. On Saturday her sister, Anne Duggan, is collecting on her behalf her award of Master of Arts at the University of Melbourne Graduation Ceremony.

All subscribers to Hoyden About Town are most cordially invited to come to celebrate at
4:00 pm, Friday, August 20
at the Outpost Café,
9 Yarra St, South Yarra (Accessible from Yarra St or Claremont St, through arcade).

RSVP (voicemail) 98251099 or

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