True Mud

I’m not sure why, but Sesame Street have made a True Blood parody called True Mud. And here it is. Enjoy.

And is this too much cleavage for Sesame Street? They thought so, what do you think?

Have an enjoyable and safe long weekend (where it is a long weekend) and don’t forget double demerit points.

Feel free to natter about things keeping you busy or not this weekend, plans for watching or avoiding Grand Finals or school holidays fun.

(Note to mods: even with a width less than 600 I can’t get these to embed. Must be doing something else wrong but it’s Friday afternoon…)

[edit: I think I’ve fixed the embed. ~Lauredhel]

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6 replies

  1. Don’t mind about the cleavage, but Elmo is being mean! I wouldn’t want to play with him.

  2. The first, I found, to be a perplexing parody (but then I’m not familiar with “True Blood”) that dealt with rhymes.
    As for the second, it all seems to be a cyclone in the crockery. Ms Perry was appropriately dressed for the context of the skit (she was “playing dressups”), with a high-necked outfit that only gave the impression of showing cleavage.

  3. I love “True Mud”. 😀

  4. True Mud is indeed good.

  5. Goodness True Mud is a zeitgeist moment and a half. Something for the parents I guess, and this parent appreciates the gesture, thanks Sesame Street.

  6. This ‘old spice’ parody featuring Grover is also rather wonderful.

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