29th Down Under Feminists Carnival, curated by bluebec

The 29th Down Under Feminists Carnival is up at bluebec’s place:

Welcome to the 29th Down Under Feminists Carnival. Thank you everyone for your submissions which I have organised as much as I can. I hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I did, and that you continue to submit posts to an awesome carnival. Thank you so much to Chally… for organising this carnival and letting me host it.

Don’t forget that DUFC has a new home under Chally’s guidance (yay Chally!).

The 30th edition is planned for 5 November, 2010 at Fat Lot of Good. Optional theme: Body Image/Size Acceptance. Submissions to fatlotofgood [at] internode.on.net for those who can’t access blogcarnival… hopefully there will be lots of submissions through the month using <plug>my bookmarklet</plug>, if it makes things easier for you.

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  1. Thanks very much, Mary!

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