Reasons why you should see Made in Dagenham

(1) It is a story about women, in a world where there is a dearth of stories about women.

(2) It passes the Bechdel test with flying colours. And in fact, I think that every time two or more men are talking, they are talking about a woman or women! Which really emphasises that this is a story about women.

(3) It is a stark reminder of how recently the idea that women shouldn’t get paid the same as men, just because, was considered not only socially acceptable but normal.

(4) You might be able to get free tickets! (Until “sold” out.)

There are a few problems with it, from the point of view of race representation, the hawtness of the main characters, the guru-ness of one or two of the men (now, that may be historically accurate, I don’t know, but it did feel a little like a sop, along the lines of “yes these women were awesome but they wouldn’t have been so awesome without these men!”), and so on. But you can’t have everything, and despite those little glitches, we come to my final reason:

(5) It is an excellent film.

* Thumbnail image from sajbrfem’s flickr set, used under a Creative Commons attribution licence.

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  1. I saw it a few days ago, and I really loved it. Miranda Richardson as Barbara Castle is amazing. I also liked the clips at the end from interviews with women who were involved at the time – in fact I wanted to see more of that, to see there stories in their words.

  2. Ack, the edit button has disappeared. I meant ‘their stories’ not ‘there stories’.

  3. Yeah, I felt the same way. It’s actually one of the reasons I commented on the hawtness of the characters: in the movie, most of the women are young and pretty. In the real footage, most (all?) of the women are not-so-young-and-pretty. It made me wonder what else they’d changed … and made me really want to know the real story, rather than the filmic version (which I still enjoyed a lot).

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