Thursday Cheezburger: FACE-OFF! – And Delurking Day.

Today’s lolcat theme is: Faceoff!

two cats look like they're armwrestling. captioned Best two out of three gets cheezburger.

teeny fluffy kitty facing down dog peeking into box. captioned: Huff an puff all U want, gog.  Dis our turf now.

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4 replies

  1. Hi, I’m delurking. Sorry I don’t have a lolcat.
    But I have a big head of steam about today’s article by Elizabeth Farelly questioning Cordelia Fine’s work analyising gender brain studies.

    The latest purveyor of this implausible creed is psychologist Cordelia Fine, whose book, Delusions of Gender, has made global headlines. Fine presents no original science but assiduously takes to task those who do, at least where the work seems to show brain gender.
    But Fine’s nurture-fascism is a brittle edifice. Not only are there all those documented cases of identical twins who, being separated at birth and growing up on opposite sides of the earth still end up both driving Triumph TR4s, both liking raw octopus and both marrying short pudgy redheads called Mavis.

    To paraphrase what someone here said recently about her article linking building school halls on playgrounds to a conspiracy to feminise boys “Leave it alone Elizabeth. You used to be an architect not a scientist.”

  2. Welcome, Mary! Sorry that you decided to delurk during the school holiday overload period – many of us have been more than a bit distracted.
    Ariane’s recent post about gender has some good points to make on some of the fallacies used by Farrelly there – we don’t know exactly how much of gender is hardwired, just like we don’t know exactly how much of other human attributes are hardwired. There’s no question that some neurological traits are hardwired, but how much of that is to do with the general randomness of inherited genes, and how much is to do with specifically XX or XY topology on just one chromosome?
    There’s no surprise at all that people with identical genes on all 23 of their chromosome pairs should share some neurological quirks. But what has that got to do with gender?
    Anyway, more discussion of this should probably go to the latest Femmostroppo thread. To get back on topic, here’s two Faceoff gifs from ICHC:
    GIF: OMG! Itz teh Monstur frum mai Nitemarez!

    GIF: He Will Nebber Suspect a Fing…

  3. Attack!!! Take meh kitty fury!

    Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: U Wantz a Peece o’ Dis, Fluffeh?!

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