Sydney Silly Season meetup planning thread

So… if there was to be a Sydney (and Surrounds and Visitors and Friends and…) Hoydens meetup for Silly Season (ie, December), and you wanted to come, some questions:

Which of these days would work for you?

  • Sun 5th December
  • Sat 11th December
  • Sun 12th December
  • Sat 18th December
  • Sun 19th December

I’ll try and pick a day that suits the majority fairly soon: keep an eye on comments so that you can put it in your calendar.

Second, any suggestions for venue/activity? It would be very nice to have as many of the following as possible (a) good public transport access (b) wheelchair & scooter accessible, navigable by people who can walk limited distances (c) vegetarian and vegan food on menu (if there’s a menu involved!) (d) allows under 18s (e) space for babies/kids to run around and have fun (f) good for reasonable sized groups (g) cheap (I realise definitions vary…)

… that’s a big list of requirements!

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  1. Re venue, I was at Bicentennial Park today and it’s sort of reasonable on those requirements. (Cheating on the food ones by requiring people to bring their own food.) Closer to Olympic Park Station is better for people on wheels since Concord West is not accessible.
    The main problem is that in order to have a shaded/covered area with tables (which is more comfortable, and also the only way to still do it if it is raining) you need to book the spot for a cost starting at $200 (and for all I know, more in December). Which is not insignificant!

  2. My December is a bit uncertain at the moment Because of Stuff, but the 5th, the 19th and then the 12th look likeliest for me, in that order.

  3. Well, I think you should have it in Melbourne…

  4. The Amazing Kim: I’m in Melb evening 24th to lunchtime 27th December… if someone else was to organise a meetup there that would be… two meetups, YAY.

  5. I am full of jealousy, because I am in Perth, and far away from all this. But on the other hand, I love living in Perth 😛

    I expect pictures?

  6. Oh dear, I still haven’t put up pictures that I took at previous Hoyden gatherings. Bad tigtog.

  7. Sunday 5th is the only one of those dates I have free.
    However, anyone who is at a loose end on the 18th is invited to our yearly Christmas bash in Thornleigh. I’ll be doing invites on Facebook shortly and will no doubt spam twitter with reminders so if you’re able to join us give me a yell there and I’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop!

  8. The 5th or the 12th would be best for me.
    Mimbles — count me in for your Christmas party. 😀

  9. It sounds like the 5th might be the way to go. Unless mimbles’s party substitutes well enough!

  10. Given the (relatively) lukewarm response here and my own lack of Doing Anything About It, I hereby announce this event cancelled. I promise to be more organising in future! Perhaps rather than a solstice-ish event we can have an equinox-ish one.

    • Sorry I didn’t get around to responding properly. I’m certainly not averse to the concept of a get-together, just apparently averse to planning one!
      This year just seems to have zoomed by me.

  11. I think it’s venue-finding that does me in.

    • Always a challenge, especially this time of year.

      This is an opportunity, however, for people to nominate reasonably-priced and accessible venues around Sydney for the purposes of future planning.

      Accessibility-wise, a lot of places around Circular Quay, Darling Harbour or the Finger Wharf at Woolloomooloo are good because they have decent public transport and entry right off the quays/wharfs, but they tend to fall down on the reasonably-priced front, sadly.

  12. There’s still the Christmas bash at our place on the 18th, anyone in Sydney who’d like details and hasn’t already got them – email me! mimbles2 at that gmail place.

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