Femmostroppo Reader November 9, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed-reader. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Fox News Channel's anti-Obama smear campaign resembles Shakespeare's Othello
  • – “the way Fox News is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks ended up using Obama as a boogeyman to get their children to behave”

  • Once again, non-gorgeous women get erased
  • – Revisiting that infamous 2007 article:
    “So, extending Hitchens’ theory with logic, being funny helps men get to bed with women who are way cuter than they are, but women who would like to date men better-looking than themselves should not exist.”

  • Must Cheer For Your Rapist, Must. Possibly Triggering.
  • – “Why is a student accused of rape allowed to play in the game? Why would any school put another student, one who argues that she has been raped, into that position: of seeing her rapist rewarded?”

  • Anglican bishops resign over ordination of women
  • – “Yes, women becoming bishops really is as frightening as the Third Reich.”

  • Things I need the world to know
  • – “Yes, it is murder to starve someone to death. Why, for the love of little puppies, is it ever a question?”

  • When Bush's mother showed him her miscarriage
  • – “It may have helped to secure Bush’s “pro-life” (or anti-choice) position, but it clearly didn’t have the same impact on Barbara — you know, the person who actually experienced it firsthand.”

  • Planet Janet: populated by unexamined metaphors
  • – Pavlov’s Cat detects a doozy.

  • Today in Backlash Broadcasting
  • – “Feminists, of course, have the terrible reputation, but it isn’t we who consider all men babies, dopes, dogs, and rapists. The holders of those views, inevitably, are aggressive purveyors and defenders of the patriarchy—which itself, after all, takes a rather unpleasantly dim view of most people.”

  • ACLU: Bereaved Spouse Challenges DOMA As Unconstitutional
  • – “Windsor was the sole beneficiary of Spyer’s estate. Because they were married, Spyer’s estate normally would have passed to her spouse without any tax. But because DOMA refuses to recognize otherwise valid marriages of same-sex couples, Spyer’s estate had to pay more than $350,000 in federal estate taxes. Earlier this year, Windsor requested a full refund from the government. The IRS rejected that claim, citing DOMA.”

  • Girls’ First Sexual Encounters Are More Likely to Be Unprotected. How About We Ask Why?
  • – “I can’t quite wrap my head around that. We’re talking about young women being raped, and calling it risky behavior. We’re talking about young women being raped, and asking questions about condom use. We’re talking about young women being raped, and the biggest concern at the front of our minds is about STDs. We’re talking about young women being raped, and we’re asking why they don’t know any better?”

  • The Veil of Ignorance
  • – “often when we’re making policies – especially policies for the health care of low-income people – policy makers are not thinking about how they would like to be taken care of, the facilities they would like to be in. They are making policies for other people, policies they know will never apply to them.”

  • Can attachment parenting be saved?
  • – “In reality all parenting philosophies have their share of zealots promoting ideas as doctrine, attachment parenting is not alone.”

  • Knocking Knox on atheist parenting
  • – “My experience is church doesn’t have that much effect on the little ones if there is little indoctrination elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean I agree with Knox. Let’s look at his justifications.”

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  1. An Ivanhoe Grammar girl wasn’t allowed to take her girlfriend to her high-school formal. The principal says it’s because the girl’s partner was in a different year level, but probably regrets that decision now.
    Link here and here.

    • Thanks Kim – I might just basically steal your comment and put it up as a Quicklink post – it deserves a dedicated post.

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