Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s otters, three in a row, are coming to you via Tambaka the Jaguar on flickr. The photo was taken in the Rheintal Zoo in Oberrheintal, Switzerland.

Three brown otters in a row, all looking for an (out of frame) dangled piece of food. The middle otter's tongue is sticking out.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I have huge achey bruises on my thighs and shins and wrenched tummy muscles from when I nearly fell off the room yesterday. The place I was getting down from was just a bit too high for me, so I was having to semi-slide down, and my hip cramped up so I couldn’t move my leg very easily, resulting in the near fall. My partner was right there to catch and steady me, but it was quite frightening all the same.

  2. Ouch!
    I’m running late to pick up new glasses from the optometrist, which I really need because am getting headaches from squinting at stuff. Have to finish urgent work first, but am waiting for people to get back to me. Grrr.

  3. I hope you will excuse the presumption, but i must recommend a Hoyden for your fridays, Gabrielle Émilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil, marquise du Châtelet; mathematician, advocate of women’s education, free spirit and a whole lot more. here is the link to her wikipedia entry,Émilie_du_Châtelet i checked your archives and nothing came up.
    the wiki entry is sparse, the bio i read back in the day suggested that her lover deliberately got her pregnant (i guess in a manner that has had a fair bit of the blogosphere unattractively stoushing lately) in the belief that the pregnancy would lead to her death as it did.

  4. Yuck. I read Melinda Tankard Reist’s post on the Drum yesterday about Kayne West’s new video, and it made me feel really icky. But I hadn’t even seen the lyrics, so I thought I should (although the still she included in her piece was disturbing enough). I wish I hadn’t. The whole song is about brutalising women, in the video clip there are an awful lot of sexualised dead women. I just want to go scrub my brain out now.
    And now for something completely different; Things that should be real; five scifi items redone as childrens picture books. I especially like Dr Who as a Dr Zeuss book.

  5. Julie: Have you seen Adam Watson’s Dr. Seuss does Star Wars work?

  6. It’s 12.30 on a Saturday, I’m sitting around in my pyjamas (well, the old t-shirt and pair of leggings which have been designated sleepwear, anyway) with my hair undone and contemplating getting up and doing things. *grin* Pretty normal Saturday for me.
    However, in minor achievements this week, I’ve purchased a compost tumbler bin (now I just need to buy the tools required to assemble it – 2 spanners and a robust Philips head screwdriver) and I managed to complete a little garden improvement project to set up a regular watering for one of the more difficult-to-reach garden beds. So I’m feeling pretty good about things.
    Hmm… note to self – must see whether I can borrow the camera from Himself, and take pics of the garden to show off!

  7. I’ve got so much to do, but I’m sitting here on my date with a heat pack on because of my period. Stupid period. 😦
    Other than that, I’m in a wonderful mood. I’m feeling all Christmassy. I have the weekend to myself this week (Usually I spend time with the boyf) but he’s got something else on. Hopefully, when my cramps improve, I’ll get some housework done. 🙂

  8. Julie, that Dr Who/Dr Seuss pic is awesome!

  9. I’ve just spent the evening at my 9 year old’s drama school end of year showcase. It was kind of painful not least because there was a family sitting in the back row of the audience with 2 very small children who spent large parts of the show running up and down along the back of the room squealing and one of whom had to be retrieved from the stage several times by her father. But Tom was having fun so I guess that makes it worthwhile.
    Coincidentally, the theme for the night was Dr Seuss. Tom’s class did “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket.”

  10. I love the way the middle one is sticking hir’s tongue out – it makes me feel like there should be a 3 cheeky otters like there are 3 wise monkeys – dare the onlookers, mock the onlookers, charm the onlookers?
    I had a surprise childminding event this weekend because my niece had forgotten to tell my sis that she had something on at the same time that sis had something on, so nephew and I hung out and watched Back to the Future. He got his skateboard out at one point. I remembered to feed him. He was impressed with my Kindle. All good.

  11. This comment’s only purpose is so that this time I will check the email subscription box.

  12. I handed in my coursework! And I haven’t been given my reading lists for next term, so there is no work I could possibly be doing. It feels amazing.
    I’m think I need to have a very restful day today, as my back still hurts from falling 3 days ago. But that’s OK, because I have nothing I need to do, and three new novels to read.

  13. Off to Las Vegas to see Leonard Cohen in concert tonight. Very excited.
    As a added bonus get to check out the brand new huge bridge over Hoover Dam.

  14. Since we seem to be on a Dr Seuss kick, I have been reading Horton Hears a Who to the sprog, and reflecting on how very disturbing the film adaptation was. Not only that a book which was pretty uninterested in gender was turned into a tract on masculinity (two sons, one has to win the approval of kindly, admirable father, the other has to reject and separate himself from evil, controlling mother. Not to mention 96 daughters being invented solely in order to mean nothing in comparison to one son), but that the book’s fundamental message was pretty much reversed. By making no one believe the mayor, making the entire jungle turn against Horton (instead of a fairly loose association of adversaries) and advance on him in a tide, and making Jo-Jo into an inventor who creates a machine that let the Whos be heard, the story gets flipped from one about everybody’s voice having equal value and the power of collective action, to one about the lone hero standing against the mob. Creepy.

  15. This is a bleg. Because of my out-of-date Mac OS issues, I can only access a cut-down version of the YouTube page on the one browser I can still use which will actually open it.
    I can play Youtube videos, but the embed code is no longer visible to me.
    If anyone could copy the embed code for this, and email it to hsmartATiprimusDOTcomDOTau, you would have my undying gratitude..
    This is to embed in a new post at CIB. If you think you can guess what it’s about, you’re probably right!

  16. Oh, and I meant to mention: Do not read the comments on that Youtube page, as is usual for Youtube comments. DO. NOT. READ. :-((

  17. @Helen – I would, but embedding has been disabled on that one!

  18. We are coming down to crunch time on my move back up north. I finished work on Friday (sort of – I’ll be working remotely in the same team just out of the Brisbane Office when I get there), and the removalists arrive this coming Friday. A fair bit is already packed, but there’s still a bunch of stuff, as well as organising drops off/etc. of the stuff we’re getting rid of.
    The apartment is full of boxes, but I have managed to channel my Etsy-procrastination into Giftmas Shopping. o/

  19. New Simon’s Cat video!
    Today I battle with the mighty Javascript. I hope to wrest decent third-person-controllers from its languid jaws.

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