Femmostroppo Reader December 13, 2010

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.

  • Privilege and Oppression
  • – “I figure it’s a lot worse to experience oppression than to be a privileged person having someone say something “mean” to me, so I give a very large benefit of the doubt. All one needs to say–rather than getting defensive–is “Gee, I hadn’t seen it that way, but I will definitely think about it now that you point it out.””

  • Giant enormous post about myths about rape
  • – Bookmark this one

  • More Notes to Web Developers: How NOT to do RSS
  • – “But there are also some disability-centric reasons to want to use feed readers, like being able to control how content appears when it displays to make it readable. There are a lot of sites I just plain will not read because they are not just inaccessible, but they actively resist accessibility requests. Some people are less bullheaded than me and really want to be able to read what someone has to say even though that person says it in eight point dark purple font on a black background with random flashing animations. RSS makes that possible; you can adjust it to display however you like it best et voila, you’re happily reading again! The ability to file stuff to read later is also very handy for people with limited energy. Basically, RSS=accessibility win!

    Which is why it really, really pisses me off when people intentionally break RSS feeds.”

  • My Little Homophobic, Racist, Smart-Shaming Pony
  • – “shows in which the powerful female figure was demonized as evil and the main character was always blond and blue-eyed–made me think, “Wow, the old days were so sexist and racist and heteronormative–thank goodness kids shows aren’t like that anymore!”

    But alas, I spoke too soon.”

  • Do not censor religious right groups. Demand that they answer questions
  • – “Therefore demanding that the news media keep people like Tony Perkins or groups like the Family Research Council off television is extremely counterproductive. It gives the inaccurate notion that somehow their ideas are so truthful that the lgbt community is fearful of letting them be heard.

    Instead, we need to demand that certain questions be asked.”

  • thinking through “infowar”
  • – “* What does it mean that the US government is so expressly and intimately connected to covering up and perpetrating sexual violence–and 99% of feminist bloggers remain focused on the debate of Julian Assange: hero or rapist?”

  • WikiLeaks rape apologist bingo part z
  • – Boganette 🙂

  • Loss of virtue in a linkspam is irretrievable (12th December, 2010)
  • – Geek Feminism linkfest

  • Black Swan
  • – “YOU GUYS, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis took a risk and hit that shit out of the fucking park. Wow. I’ve never seen a movie with such visceral acting, such an honest portrayal of dysfunctional family dynamics, and that was so. fucking. creepy.”

  • Men and porn
  • – “The article originally appeared in the Guardian under the title “The men who believe porn is wrong”. It was reprinted in the Melbourne Age with a different headline: “Men who hate porn”. Here are some quotes: ”

  • The Agency That Cried “Awesome!”
  • – “NASA should not have to resort to circus acts as the price for doing science. It’s in such circumstances that violence is done to process, to rigor, to integrity.”

  • operation leakspin
  • – “I found this on facebook–thought it was interesting….”

  • Who hears you, when you speak about rape?
  • – “I only want to say this: whatever you say about a rape, any rape (or alleged rape, let’s be clear, because I am well aware that Assange may be innocent — or fictional rape, for argument’s sake, because whether the rape actually occurred or not is not relevant to this point) can be heard by others. It can be heard by others who have been raped, or who will one day be raped, or who may have raped someone, or may rape someone one day. And you, when you are speaking or writing or tweeting or commenting on Facebook or blogging or muttering under your damn breath on the train, need to take responsibility for that.”

  • Good morning, fat-shaming and mother-blaming
  • – “None of this surprises me in the least — I posted about the fact that fear of baby-fat and fat babies is an inevitable and dangerous by-product of obesity panic back in April.

    What I want to point out here is the way that this issue is being framed. Parents (mostly mothers) are at risk of depriving their children because they are projecting their own body image fears onto them.”

  • You are actually part of the problem: fat edition
  • – “Yesterday’s post crystallized a lot of things for me around how people think they’re not fatphobic or not engaging in fat-hate.*

    Today’s lesson: you are.”

Disclaimer/SotBO: a link here is not necessarily an endorsement of all opinions of the post author(s) either in the particular post or of their writing in general.

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  1. Thank you for the signal boost, Viv! By now, my NASA article has appeared in The Guardian and Futurismic, as well as the front page of HuffPo. But I sincerely wish I didn’t have to write it, or that we could travel back two weeks and stop that press conference (or use Black Men obliviation rays).

  2. Thanks for the fucken linke!

  3. No fucken worries, mate!

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