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  1. I am so making this my new year’s wallpaper.

  2. Here’s a nice big version of the base image that would work better as wallpaper (you need it big)

    Do you have image editing software to add the text?

  3. orlando – so glad you appreciated it.
    tigtog – thanks for finding that image. It is a gorgeous picture, too.

  4. Did you find that one you posted via Sady (like the one I posted to Lauredhel’s Sound of Music thread)? Or did both of you find it somewhere else?

  5. No, found it somewhere else. Have I just posted something you posted recently? Gawd, sorry.

  6. s’no problem – I only posted it in comments, so lots of people would have missed it without you front-paging it.

  7. Ok, I had a moment, so the desktop wallpaper is created (slightly modified to be halfway between yours above and Sady’s).
    Those who want it, take it. Click through on the image above to download the desktop size.

  8. I clicked on this post expecting a deep and interesting article, and instead found my new favoritestest macro evar.

    And thank you, tigtog, because I have this as my wallpaper now. It makes happy.

  9. Oh, I would so like to use that as desktop wallpaper at work. But I think it probably wouldn’t be appreciated. At least I have the disapproving “I shall not Tolerate such Rubbish” baby sea lion.

  10. Indeed, seeing as I saved the master file just in case, whipping up a SFW edition was the work of but a moment.
    click through to download the desktop version

  11. Thanks Tigtog! Won’t be using it very soon as I hate to boast, but I’m on leave till Australia day!! Loooooooxury!!!!!

  12. Hey, it won’t fit my screen properly, what did I do wrong?

    • Tamara, the image is of fixed dimensions. Your screen settings might currently be “stretching to fit” the whole desktop area rather than showing just the image in the centre of your screen. You ought to be able to change this in your computer display settings menu.

  13. Thanks Tigtog, but whatever I do I only get the top left third or so of the image. Nevermind!

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