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If you changed your subscription a couple of years ago, as requested, to our new Hoyden feed for the new domain, then you shouldn’t be seeing anything different in your feed-reader. If you are not a content-aggregator site, then you can now ignore this post.

If you are seeing a change in your feed, and you are one of our personal subscribers via a feed-reader, here’s how to get your full feed back: switch to the newer feed now in your feed-readers using the appropriate option on our subscription page.

If you are subscribing to use our content for a content-aggregator site, then Hoyden About Town does not give you permission to access our full RSS feed for your site – please use our excerpt-only feed instead. Aggregator sites that do not abide by this requirement will be reported as content-scrapers.

P.S. I’m hoping that by confining the change to the old URL for the feed, that I’m not screwing up things too much for genuine personal subscribers. The content-scraping has been bugging me for a while though.

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  1. I’m not sure where I fit. I read you personally, and have for years, but have recently added you to my blogroll, which is dynamic according to what was last posted. Does that make me an aggregator?

    • Maureen, your blogroll on your personal blog is not a problem. The dynamic blogrolls only give the post titles (some do a short excerpt), so it’s hardly content-scraping.
      So long as one’s site is not republishing the posts in full for others to read, access the full feed to one’s heart’s content.

      • P.S. In any case, my rewrite rules haven’t done what I wanted them to do. I’ll have to look a few more things up, methinks.

  2. I subscribe to hoydenabouttown_feed on Dreamwidth, which is the full feed. I wouldn’t mind if it was the cut version, because I always click through anyway. Should I ask Support to change it?

    • I believe that there are some folks using their Dreamwidth reader page as their default feed reader because they find it meshes best with their assistive tech. I don’t want to place more barriers in front of folks using screen readers etc, and I don’t view DW reader pages as content scrapers per se (they’re not indexed by search engines and they don’t take ads). Although if lots of people are discussing the posts on DW rather than here, that would make me a sadface.

  3. That’s OK then. Entries on feed journals disappear after two weeks, so people don’t usually comment on them.

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