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Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.
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  • Consent Matters
  • – “[Trigger warning for sexual harassment; rape culture.] Listen, there is no one (who doesn’t know Weiner personally) who did not want to find out more than me that Congressman Anthony Weiner was sexually harassing women by sending them unsolicited pictures of his genitals. It grieves me. But just because I don’t want to be true doesn’t mean I get to pretend it isn’t; and pretending it isn’t doesn’t make it so.

    It matters that he sent unsolicited sexual images to women, because consent matters.

    And the lack of consent matters.”

  • 38th Down Under Feminists’ Carnival – call for submissions
  • – bluebec will be hosting the 38th DUFC, and wants post submissions please!

  • Cultural Messages About Attractiveness
  • – [TW Fat-Shaming] “While cultural beliefs about who is and isn’t attractive are often framed as biological or evolutionary, it can’t be denied that, at least in this case, we are receiving a strong social message as well.”

  • Evolutionary psychology mimics porn, once again
  • – “The racism that goes unmentioned in pornography would spark outrage if it were in non pornographic movies or publications.[…] The racial hierarchy of desirability is apparent in the volume of pornography made with various races of women. White women are considered the default, the most desirable. Every other kind of woman is considered a fetish, as are black and hispanic men.”

  • This is so the worst thing you're going to read all day.
  • – “Alec Baldwin, Professor of Ethics at Calling Your Daughter a Pig University, explains that Anthony Weiner is just a modern human being”

  • Where Has My Little Girl Gone?
  • – “Tanith Carey’s Where Has My Little Girl Gone? is a sadly conflicting publication, which tumbles together panicky accounts of tabloid-fodder ‘sexualisation’ stories with actually rather sound practical guides for raising healthy children with good self-esteem. The result is something that strays uncomfortably into both labelling girls as victims and victim-blaming territory.

    Ultimately the existence of such a book seems to reinforce the system rather than shatter it.”

  • Gender Theory – it's not just theory
  • – “If gender identity and gender roles are innate, then why is there any need for the extensive socialization, and the corrective measures that are so often taken when an individual’s development doesn’t appear to be following an acceptable script?”

  • How Not To Rape People: A Handy Guide For Modern Men And Footballers
  • – [NB – some comments are rape-apologist] “When young women are free to go around being strange all over the place, how can men be expected to know how to behave? This is why we see so many comments around the internet along the lines of “Why do these women put themselves in this situation what do they expect they are just after bragging rights they can’t change their minds after the fact I agree with Kerri-Anne Kennerly”?

    When people start agreeing with Kerri-Anne Kennerly, society has gone too far, and this is why I have prepared, for the benefit of my fellow man and also people who play football, a Handy Guide To Not Raping People.”

  • links for 9-6-2011
  • – “Who are these people and how do they become judges?”

  • The Posts I Didn't Want To Write. On Weiner. Part IV: Broader Media Analysis
  • – “Well, it was worth a try, right, Chris? He always does try to blame the wives.”

  • Myth Eight: Fat is Bitchy
  • – “The first chapter of the book has 10 fat myths. As I read them, I had so many ideas and thoughts and things I wanted to say about each one. I contacted Dr. Thomas and she said that it would be okay for me to use her list to talk about each of the myths here. So–welcome to a 10-week Thursday series.”

  • Irony and aesthetics (NSFW)
  • – What makes good art or bad art? Why are some bad artists nonetheless legitimised by the art industry?

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