Cows with guns

I heard this on the radio today (the excellent community station 99.3 2NSB-FM in Sydney) and was enthralled:

Animation of the song Cows With Guns by Dana Lyons
Animation created by Bjorn-Magne Stuesol
The video has subtitles.
The full lyrics are on the Cows With Guns website.

Hold those large heads high, bovines.

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  1. I kind of like that our great cow guru is a “he” with an udder.

  2. That gave me a wry grin as well.
    Now, what’s going on with my sidebar? Is it falling off below the post for anybody else?
    [eta: see, sometimes just pointing out bad behaviour in public shames the offender into behaving – it’s back in its proper place now]

    • Looking at the YouTube comments, there’s a lot of complaints both about the udder, and more bizarrely about referring to any cow as a “he”, because “the males are bulls”. Obviously written by somebody who’s never heard of a steer.
      There’s a rather sweet claymation animation version too, done by a couple of Aussie then-teens. Their guru has no udders, but they rather hilariously misheard “Cow Tse-Tung” as “Cow Satan” and animated accordingly 🙂

  3. Thanks – saw that ages ago and forgot about it. Very apt.
    Once humans go extinct and some other animals evolve intelligence, they are going to be so weirded out when they dig up our cultural artifacts and see what we thought of them and their anthropomorphized versions.
    No sidebar on this post, but is present on others. I blame cow-loving intelligent software – it didn’t want the listener to be distracted from the message by extra fluff around the edges of the post.

  4. Ah, I loved that song as a teen 🙂 It lent itself to much heartfelt after-school singing + over-dramatic performance…
    No sidebar for me, either – just this one! Also some random extra html following the vid.

  5. Ah, that random html is the problem!

    [one little caret facing the wrong way, silly HTML]

  6. Ah! The giggles we had when this came out. Favourite line: “They fought for their lives ‘cos the stakes/steaks were so high (Bad Cow Puns).”

  7. The first time I heard this I was laughing so hard I almost missed what was to become my favourite line “Chickens in choppers”.

  8. A classic well worth revisiting!

  9. I love this and its complete silliness. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. this is a thing of beauty. though i must admit i’ve always thought cows would be more inclined to be pacifists. now chickens. i could totally see chickens with choppers.

  11. Haha, I’ve loved this song ever since I first heard it in the mid-90s. I was actually listening to it on my iPod just yesterday. 😀

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