We Will Not Go Quietly: call for submissions

Signal boost by request.

Survivors Mel Hughes (of Poetry 101) and Kate Ravenscroft (of 16 Impacts of Sexual Assault) are creating a zine by survivors of sexual assault for survivors of sexual assault: We Will Not Go Quietly.

They’re looking for a huge range of submissions, including but not limited to poetry, essays, artwork, manifestos, streams of consciousness, narratives, recipes, battle cries, puzzles, comics and photos.

Whatever has been important to you in surviving – we want to hear about it. Contributions can be submitted to: wewillnotgoquietlyzine@gmail.com preferably by 31 July 2011. We welcome anonymous contributions, or the use of pseudonyms.


  1. They are distributing the zine for free, and are unable to pay contributors.
  2. I checked with them, and they’re more than happy to receive submissions that have previously been published as blog entries or elsewhere.

For more information, see their website We Will Not Go Quietly. Discussion is welcome in comments here, but if you have questions for them it would be better to put them on their site.

Special bonus boost: while we’re signal boosting here, the call for submissions to AP Our Way: Disabled Parents Making Attachment Parenting Work for Us and Making Peace with When We Can’t (Hoyden post here) is still open: you have until July 1.

Front page image credit: Slutwalk Manchester by Phil King.

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  1. What a great idea. Thanks for signa boosting this.

  2. What a fabulous, fabulous idea. Thanks and kudos to Mel and Kate.
    I’ve had a post bubbling in the back of my mind for a few days about the importance of stories – I will post it soon and link back to this.

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