Thursday Cheezburger – Signs

Today’s theme is signs. The Winter Solstice is a sign that winter won’t always be with us. Of course it will get colder here before it gets warmer, but at least the days will slowly start to get longer. Then I’ll start to get nostalgic for winter when it gets hot again and I whinge about the heat. It’s good to be me.

funny pictures of cats with captions
Warning signs that your cat could be smarter than you are.

funny pictures - He woulda preferred "yield"
So I says to this purty thing, “Hey, baby, what’s your sign?” And she says, “Stop.”

Something tickle your fancy this week? Take it as a sign that you should post it in Cheezburger comments.

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  1. Ignore “Do not feed animuls” sign Teh “not” are a typo

    I am Kitteh. [NO DOGS ALLOWED IN THIS AREA] & I approve this message
    And here’s link to an all-rights-reserved photo on Flickr of a cat and a sign with no lolcat builder required.

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