When one’s right to dissent is so terribly, terribly suppressed…

…that one can only manage to get one’s views published in the opinion pages of a national broadsheet, one knows that the nation is in a parlous state of enforced conformity indeed. We’re at the mercy of “brown-shirt activism using flash mobs and new institutions like GetUp” to target anybody saying things that are ridiculous/incorrect/offensive/unethical to oppressively point out that what was said was ridiculous/incorrect/offensive/unethical – the horror!

Tiny violin/fiddle less than half an inch long "Chen, of Beijing, China, took seven years to craft the tiny instrument from 30 separate parts with strings thinner than a human hair."

Just let me tune up my tiny violin

As John Quiggin says:

I’m starting feel guilty turning the full power of my blog against a mere national newspaper, backed only by a multi-billion dollar corporation.

And so you should, John. Shame on you, you big bully.

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  1. I’ll have to remember that line “scoring a double Godwin with pike”. I’d have choked if I’d been drinking at the time.

  2. Two nazis slapping each other with fish?

  3. @YetAnotherMatt – don’t mention the war!

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