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  1. Well, I’m not two or three, but they still make my feet go tingly with delight. FLUFFY!!!!!!!

  2. Oh this is so sweet – thanks for posting it.

  3. SQUEE! The only thing I miss about university is the annual duckling-spawning by the lake. Cute overdose.

  4. Aw! I was torn between “OH NO, DUCKIES!!!” and giggling at how cute they looked when they got back to their feet and shook it off and started walking again.

  5. indeedly, thank you for these ducklings tigtog !
    and in Sydney, one of my favourite towns ❤
    my heart always melts a little when i see chicks, ducklings and other animal-babies.
    (my home/office is between 2 small waterways and every day ducks fly past, to join one or the other. i always stop whatever i do to watch/listen to them and smile and quack-along with them 😉
    greetz & cheers
    (from the other side of the globe)

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