Whoydensday: A TARDIS in your own kitchen

A TARDIS dishcloth! Here you go!

A red dishcloth with a TARDIS pattern on it.

I’m rather enjoying these Doctor Who knits. This one I whipped up pretty sharpish – it’s a quick knit, but you need to concentrate as there’s a lot of switching between knitting and purling. Excuse the curvature, I didn’t bother to smooth it out for the photo. Here’s the pattern at Knitty for Dr Who.

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4 replies

  1. I love this all to pieces!
    If only some Etsyers were knitting cotton TARDIS tea towels … Oh! But I just saw TARDIS SOCKS. *want*

  2. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. At least, I shall try to knit them for you – I’ve never knitted socks before!

  3. So cute Chally! I am hopeless at knitting, but I have decided that because I could not find a perfect one, I am making my own Doctor Who shirt to wear to the Melbourne Doctor Who Spectacular in February. So fabric paints and t-shirts here I come! (Who knows where this will end…) Home-made cool things are always the very best.

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