There really is a tumblr for everything

OMSFSM totally NSFW. Link in clear text because I don’t want anybody to say that they weren’t warned.

a cropped publicity shot from David Tennant's appearance in the stage play *What The Butler Saw*If you copy and paste that link into your browser you will see David Tennant naked, a picture which some of you may have seen before.

::ahem:: ::ahem::

It’s all @shonias‘ fault – she has wicked facebook friends, and I’m one of them. It was a perfectly valid contextual extension of the conversation, OK? All I wanted was some empirical evidence *grumble*

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  1. How did I miss that? *goes to check out, not the tumblr (will get to that later), but Ariane’s facebook page*

  2. Whoo hoo I’m not at work!

  3. Oh. Well. My life is now complete. ❤

  4. I’m still waiting for the kids to go to bed, if I was at work I’d be all set!

  5. You wanted empirical evidence that David Tennant has a penis?

  6. Well even through it involved cutting and pasting, rather than clicking, I still looked. Can’t say I wasn’t warned 😉

  7. @Kirstente – there was a claim made about the size of the *ahem* member *ahem* and being scientifically minded TT went looking for evidence shall we say. Although this has now been challenged as insufficient because well …

    • Kirstente, have you not heard that his nickname is “Ten-Inch”? This was the claim requiring evidence, which has not yet, IMO, been sufficient.

  8. Oh good. The insufficiencey relates to the evidence. Ambiguity gone now.

  9. Tumblr is just the best sometimes.

  10. I can’t believe no one has commented on TT tagging this post “skeptics”. I commend her on her application of a high-minded evidence-based approach to this question.

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