Signal Boost: How to run an accessible feminist event

From The F-Word Blog by Philippa Willitts – How to run an accessible feminist event – a comprehensive outline of common accessibility issues that ought to be considered by those running any social justice event.

One major consideration on the list that I keep seeing not being available at otherwise accessibility-considerate events is where the accessible entrance is not the same (main) entrance that everybody else is using. Being able to access the event’s scheduled sessions is one thing; having to move away from others between sessions to get in and out of the building, instead of coming and going with everybody else, is very isolating.

Anything else readers would like to see added to Philippa’s list?

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  1. If funding was freely available (ha) the following things would be good:
    Childcare or creche available – people with disabilities have children too and may need childcare so that they can attend events.
    Transport – so that people with disabilities who may not have their own transport or be able to afford/use available public transport (if accessible public transport exists) or get to the venue under their own steam or find parking can still attend.
    If you can’t fund transport try to find a venue that meets all accessibility requirements and has plenty of parking i.e. isn’t in the middle of a city block with expensive or non existent parking spaces.

  2. Something I’d love more people to do is announce, in at least some detail, accessibility information when announcing the event. Don’t make all PWD have to contact organisers/management individually every single time they contemplate doing something in the world. Being open to questions is great, but if more people would do the work up front this would take a chunk out of our second shifts.
    Ideally, include a couple of photos of the venue so that PWD with physical accessibility needs can take a peek at the things you may have missed. Google Streetview only goes so far.

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