Whovian Squee: trailer for upcoming season

Beware casting spoilers, if those bother you.

There’s a fairly thorough description of the video and a few more spoilerish news bits at this io9 article, but I’ll just leave you with what Lauredhel IMed to me when I sent her the link:

Dinosaurs! Angels! Mad-eye Moody!

Spoilery speculation is encouraged in the comments, so those who prefer to be unspoiled should probably not scroll down (but feel free to have a non-spoilery squee session on the open thread).
A promo picture of Matt Smith wreathed in smoke or mist for Doctor Who

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  1. OMG!OMG!OMG! When does it start? Want it now!

  2. Google sez it will premiere in the UK sometime in August, so I hope we’ll get it in September? Earlier rather than later?

  3. So who do you think? The Doctor or Amy? Damn I hope she isn’t dead in that shot.
    On the subject of Amy, I love love love the gesture she makes while the Doctor’s rhapsodising about dinosaurs on a spaceship, before pulling him away. Karen Gillan’s particularly good at physical acting.
    Favorite line: “All the people who died because of MY mercy.”

  4. OMG. So excited! Dinosaurs on a spaceship! Fingers crosses that I’ll have access to a tv when it premieres in the US.
    Hopefully River Song gets to be awesome this season after last season’s mess.

  5. Not sure how I feel about the millions of daleks, but at least this trailer looks more promising than the last one (the teaser for series 7), which just put me off because of guns, americanism and cringe-worthy acting my KG. I’m intrigued by the cherub who blows out the candle though! And looking forward to the new companion as well, later in the season.
    Anyone else notice how happy eleven looks carrying Amy’s body at the end? Interesting. Also: Lestrade, what are you doing in doctor who?

  6. Anyone else notice how happy eleven looks carrying Amy’s body at the end? Interesting.
    Hopefully it means Amy killed all the Daleks, and the Doctor’s really proud of his mother-in-law’s awesome.

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