We apologise for the interruption in transmission

It was due to autumn leaves on the rails some upgrading quirks. The normal foiling of diabolical masterminds shall continue shortly.

In the meantime, you might like to follow this link to what is possibly the world’s greatest ever procrastination aid. For those who’ve seen that already, have you seen this zoomable version?

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  1. *falls down rabbit hole, again*

  2. I didn’t realise that you could go left as well as right.

  3. I like the new format, but I miss the “most recent comments” bit on the sidebar. It was good for seeing where the discussion was happening.

  4. Thanks for noting that, Kim – I hadn’t realised that the widget had decided to go AWOL.

  5. Is it bad that when I was linked to the zoomable version I found I had in fact managed to explore the whole thing in the original click and drag?

  6. How did you get to the stuff in the sky? I had nothing to navigate by. (I did fine on the ground and underground. I can’t decide if my favourite is the palm on the desert island with the “western” entry to the tunnels, or the maple-ish trees in lots of places including underground.

  7. I hit on some stuff in the sky purely by luck, but actually, I’m not sure now that I found everything up there pre-zoom version, the wine is not helping my recall tonight either…

  8. I never found the planes. I did manage to explore all of the ground and underground, though.

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