New feminist science tumblr needs a logo

Fifties style cartoon. Caption: "To young men passed the roles of domestics and housekeepers."   Young man with vaccuum cleaner: "But mother - why can't I go to rocket cadet school like you did?" Mother: " Because you're a man, Greg - that's why!"

A couple of young Melbourne women are setting up a feminist tumblr, She Blinded Me With Science.

Here’s the mission statement:

“Welcome to She Blinded Me With Science! We are young women in science who want to see better conversations about science, and have those conversations include women.”

Blogger Hilaroar, via FB:

Would anyone be interested in creating a quick logo for our blog? The theme is women in science. Will provide cake.

It doesn’t sound like a paid gig, so this is not for the professional artists who are sick of doing things for free. But if you’re a graphics enthusiast who would like to have a go, and likes cake, this might be for you.

The tumblr is brand new and hasn’t been updated at the time of writing, but think science, feminism, geekitude and possibly daleks (or not). Contact would be through the Ask page of the tumblr.

Also, what about the tumblr name? It’s based on a common phrase, but is there an ableist problem here? Should we suggest alternative names as well as logos?

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  1. I am not talented or otherwise I would be happy to help.

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