Signal Boost: Under 10s Feminist Corner at the Sydney Writers Festival

This Saturday, for free, at Walsh Bay. Here are the details for the Under 10s Feminist Corner – bookings are essential!

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  1. Coooooool… except the part where they are “exploring what being a girl means” in a sub-textual “coz only girls could possibly come/be interested in this topic” kind of way. :/
    I’m being a bit idealistic when I say I’d love a space where “the f word” wasn’t anathema to boys, and they were not just invited but expected to have conversations about it, too, because educating all future adults to be more aware and proactive about girl’s/women’s issues in order to deconstruct the current power structure is a good thing, aren’t I?
    I generally wish we were back near Sydney, so many of the Celebrating Women events sound ace.

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