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  • Sampler: from Ethics and Philosophy

    Carrying on from Lauredhel’s idea of showcasing some memorable posts for visitors arriving via the Weblog Awards, I’ve chosen the Ethics and Philosophy category as my first showcase post because in so many ways it sums up a lot of what inspires me to write. I find it distressing that so much of our public discourse relies on laziness in terms of examining the ethics of proposed courses of action, and that so little attention is paid to the underlying logic and consistency (or lack thereof) contained in the philosophies that inform ideologies. Also, that so many people use the faceless nature of the Web to behave unethically.

  • Faves: Feminism

    Hoyden About Town is looking forward to the finalist voting in the 2008 Weblog Awards. Because it’s school holidays and tigtog and I are family-focussed right now, I’ve put together a few of my posts from the past, in the categories Feminism, Breasts, bodies and birth, Bad science, Big pharma, and Disability. They’re not chosen for any strict criteria – just the posts I found memorable, the ones

  • Happy New Year! (ETA – Open Photo Thread)

    Best wishes for the New Year.

  • Weblog Awards Finalist!

    We’re in the Best Midsize Blog category. This means we’re up against : Zomblog Betsy’s Page The Sideshow Israel Matzav Argghhh! Rod 2.0 At Largely Scholars And Rogues Suburban Guerilla Voting starts on January 5. Congratulations to Shakesville for their… Read More ›

  • Occasional Comic Clip No. Heffalumpty-one

    Someone I very much hope to see on stage next year as he tours and does a few festivals: Tim Minchin. In this brief clip he reviews the film “Donnie Darko” for the benefit of Margaret Pomeranz.

  • Feminist Carnival time! Put your submissions in.

    The deadline for the Eighth Down Under Feminists’ Carnival is before New Year, so get your December submissions in now! It could be a post you’ve written or a post you’ve read, or lots of both of the above, so… Read More ›

  • ‘cos it deserves its own post

    y’all should head on over and read Kate Harding’s Wedding FAQ at Shapely Prose, answering everything you wanted to know about what she did on Friday in Vegas.

  • Femmostroppo retrospective 2008

    Nominations for the most memorable feminist posts of 2008 will open soon. See last year’s post for guidelines. This year the collection will be published by the end of January, deffo!

  • Linkfest: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    The Good Mothers in Medicine: “Getting In the Sterile Field”, by Tempeh. The topic verges on glurge, but it’s well-written and non-cliche enough to bite. Or maybe I’m just susceptible right now. Make up your own mind. As you can… Read More ›

  • Here be SPOILERZ!!1!

    Ok, you Who addicts, have at the 2008 Christmas episode. The pictures below are TEASERS, not SPOILERS, as they were all released by the BBC as promo shots before the episode was aired there. David Morrissey, Dervla Kirwan & Cybermen,… Read More ›