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4 responses to “Girls Not Brides, a new campaign against child marriage”

  1. rochelle

    Thanks for the post Chally. I dont think people realize how serious this problem is. Its very sad, and more should be done to prevent it. Girls at the age of 15 should be having sleepovers and going to school, not getting married and giving birth!

  2. tigtog

    Thanks for signal boosting this one, Chally – it’s a very worthwhile cause. I plan to keep an eye out for future programs initiated by The Elders organisation.

  3. Perla

    What a wonderful campaign! The Elders’ initiatives that I’ve heard of seem really well thought out. As they say at Shakesville, fantastic teaspooning, the lot of ‘em!

  4. Perla

    Edit: Hmm, not sure about that first apostrophe.

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