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12 responses to “BFTP: Popularity of long-debunked rape myths: talk about disheartening”

  1. Fran Barlow

    A useful caution, Tigtog. Well said.

  2. Helen

    It’s good that you’re re-posting articles like this one: they take a helluva lot of cycling around before they begin to penetrate the web of bullshit that is popular culture and urban myth.

    On the self-defence topic, did you know that if you hold your assailant’s hand and feet (sounds rather odd and contortion-y, but oh well), call him “brother” (or them “brothers”), and chanted hymns to Goddess Saraswati and to Guru Diksha, he/they won’t rape you? according to tinpot guru Asaram Bapu commenting on the Delhi gang rape. Good to know :-P

  3. tree

    It might have something to do with the ‘Through a Rapist’s Eyes’ “essay” currently going around on Tumblr.

    I could’ve sworn it was around pre-2000 because I’m positive I saw it as an email forward when I was in college, and I graduated in ’99. Maybe it was just something similar.

  4. Rayedish

    It’s currently doing the rounds on Facebook, too.

  5. Ali

    Yes I’ve seen it twice on FB, both times from well intentioned friends and I don’t know how to says the 1in5 stat without sounding… I dunno, something unfriendly. :( Is there a statement that says “good intentions friend, but this is not where our energy should go because…”?

  6. paul walter

    Well, if they have it wrong this is the right way to go about repairing it, examining and where necessary refuting, their specific dot points, proposition by proposition.

  7. Megpie71

    Seems that one of the wonders of the internet is that misinformation never truly dies – it merely dies down and resurfaces again via a different social medium. I’m sure this kind of stuff started out as a much-mimeographed chain letter, then moved to email, did time as a poorly-thought-out newsgroup post, wound up on someone’s blog once upon a time, got linked hither and yon, and it’s now landing up on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr because that’s what people are using to communicate. I’ve no idea what’s going to eventually replace the web, but I’m sure if I live to see it, I’ll be seeing this kind of thing crop up there as well.

  8. Zebee

    There’s an interesting discussion at

    Te Nehisi Coates makes a link between male on male violence and the black reaction to it that he experienced growing up and rape in the comments.

    Note that the comments on his pieces are moderated and usually intelligent.

    “It’s a deep question. I was once talking to my (very feminist) wife and asked “If you could change the physical strength difference between me and you, would you?” And she said, “In a minute.”

    And it amazed me. And I have since been amazed that I was amazed. But it is a profound question and I’ve since wondered a lot what the world would look like without that difference.”

  9. Laurin

    Hey Ali,
    I had the same thing – saw it on FB, and was like, “what’s this victim blaming bullshit?!”, but couldn’t figure out a way to debunk without sounding.. mean.

    Maybe I’ll just share this article ;)

  10. Deborah

    That’s what I’ve done, Laurin. And gotten a very positive response from many of my friends and family, ‘though nothing from the person who re-posted the original post that tigtog takes apart so beautifully here.

  11. Kirst

    Thank you for this. I too have had this crop up on Facebook, and like many others, wanted to debunk without coming across as attacking those who posted it (it’s very easy to be misunderstood on Facebook I’ve found).

  12. The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

    Helen – I saw that “advice” aka victim blaming from that unspeakable wretch. I was just too angry for words.

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