The actual blogging bits of stuff

We’re baaaack!

Despite upgrading my webhosting bandwidth yesterday, we still went offline for quite a few hours. Hopefully everybody’s got the memos now. Share this post? No related posts.


Art courtesy of logansrogue: Share this post? Related posts: I want a Republic and I’m excited about the Royal Baby 13th DUFC nearing deadline, and nominate your fave Ozfem blogger at Cosmo! Dramatic kitteh. Weekend Wibble: space gems, stem cells, a spot, some spin, and a switch


Sometime in the next week this incarnation of Hoyden About Town will see its 10,000th comment since moving here from blogspot in September 2006. (Those interested can see the number of a comment by hovering their mouse over the datestamp – the permalink URL will show in the bottom-left bar of your browser window). Share this post? No related posts.

Your guess is as good as mine

Hoyden was down for a few hours yesterday, and because we’re cheapskates we chose a webhost without 24/7 tech support, so we couldn’t contact them on our public holiday. Normally the webhost lets us know if they’ve scheduled server outages on public holidays etc, but not a peep from them this time, so I dunno. Sorry if you missed a… Read more →

Silencing with “attack”, the misuses of logic, and reclaiming emotion

I’ve been contemplating the buzzword “attack”. While it is worth keeping a lid on egregious, unwarranted, off-topic ad hominem remarks, “personal attack” seems to verge on being a means to shut down dissent in some online discussions. It can function a little like “politically correct” – a taboo word to put the brakes on disagreement. Invoke the ad hominem defence,… Read more →

Banner menu button changes

The sharp-eyed amongst you will have noticed some slight changes to the links in the banner/header of the blog. This is mostly just reorganisation of existing material, but I’d hate any of you to miss out on the recently added “About Lauredhel: a FAQ” subpage linked to from the “About the Hoydens” page. Share this post? No related posts.

Introducing Lauredhel

I’ve decided to add a co-blogger to the roster. We’ve been meeting up at various junctions in the intertubes for about ten years now, and she’s one of my favourite invisible friends. She’s had her own livejournal for ages, and I’ve linked to her pieces there occasionally, and she’ll be crossposting various pieces as and when the mood takes her…. Read more →