Same-Sex Marriage Rally in Sydney, November 28th


On November 28th, there will be rallies across Australia in support of same-sex marriage, and I’m organising a Hoyden contingent for the Sydney rally, which will take place at Town Hall, at 1pm. I’ve created a facebook event for Hoydenizens who want to attend as a group, and I imagine that after the rally there will be pub-going.

We’ll also need to work out a place to meet up beforehand, and a way for us all to recognise each other. I’m thinking that those of us who can should arrange to meet at around 12-12:30pm at a yet-to-be-determined location, and that we should have a banner or two so that later-comers will have a chance of finding us in the crowd. Please leave suggestions for meetup locations and banners in comments!

For those of you outside of Sydney, there will also be events in Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Lismore, Melbourne, and Adelaide. See the Community Action Against Homophobia website for more details (and you can also join their facebook group).

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  1. For a meeting location I guess having a decision is more important than it being an especially good decision. Somewhere shady to sit as people gather, and the ability to grab a small amount of food would be good. One of the cafes on the ground floor of the Galeries Victoria, maybe? Their directory lists a few options. I don’t know it (or the city) well enough to pick one.
    If we do have a banner we can hold/display it at the table to minimise “um… are you the Hoydens?… oh, sorry, never mind” awkwardness for newcomers.

  2. ArrrgggAARRRRGH I can’t make it. 😦 😦 😦 I is very sad.

  3. Can anyone paint a convincing otter onto a banner? 😀

  4. We should be able to come, we were planning to spend that day in the city as a family doing some Christmas shopping and maybe taking the kids to the museum, we’ll skip the museum and do this instead.

  5. I can’t be there, sorry Beppie!

  6. I may be able to make it.. along with a Wicked Fairy and a Tiny Tyrant (who reliably curtails such outings at this point, but we may do about 20 minutes of said rally at least, and the meet-up beforehand).

  7. I’ll be going to this. Any word on where you guys will be meeting up/ what time etc?

  8. For anyone subbing to the comments via email etc, Beppie has put up an updated plan at with details of the meeting place.

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