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Updated to add: if Haloscan eats your comments over at FF101 or you have any other problems commenting there, please leave your FAQ suggestions in comments to this post.
Further Update: apparently many workplace networks block Haloscan. [more]

I’ve just put up an FAQ for Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog about feminist abbreviations and jargon. I’ve only got a handful of examples, and I know that there are tons more.

Could all the lovely readers dropping in (hi, pull up a pew) from Pandagon and Feministe and all the other lovely and talented blogs that linked to Lauredhel’s Anti-Feminist Bingo! take a moment to hop on over and add whatever terms/acronyms/metaphors you’re forever explaining or have long been puzzled by to the comments thread?

Ta ever so.

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  1. I don’t know if there’s just something I’m missing, but I can’t see any comments over on the Feminism 101 blog, and I can’t figure out how to leave one. Any advice?

  2. Hi Tracey. Thanks for asking, because I know you’re not the only one who’s had trouble.
    There’s a link at the bottom of each post for “Suggestions”. Clicking on it should take you to the pop-up menu for that thread’s comments.
    There’s also a “Recent Comments” widget in the sidebar. If you can see that someone else has made a comment in the thread you want to comment on, then clicking on their comment should take you to the relevant thread pop-up.
    I know Haloscan is used by lots of other blogs, which is why I went with it there initially. But if it’s turning off commenters I might just have to import the whole blog onto a WordPress platform instead.

  3. Tracey managed to post over at FF101 from her home computer, it’s just that her work computer network blocks Haloscan.
    This might be a basic workblogging problem for quite a few would-be commenters, so perhaps if you’re having commenting problems you could send a quick email of the comment text to your personal mail account and then post the comment later.
    Otherwise feel free to add the comment here and I’ll copy it into comments there if necessary.


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