Friday Fluffy and blogrolling

My son is officially addicted to I Can Has Cheezburger?, with all those cats-with-slogans postcards that are now generically known as lolcats. He keeps sending me his favourites, which do make me laugh, and is now beginning to ask for things using the lolcats syntax, which makes me laugh less.

As a pendant of long standing, I prefer my lolcats grammatical:

Every time

Anyhow, some more additions to the blogroll which so far are lolcats free zones (I think) – please go check them out!

Marrickvillia – Meredith documents Fedeterranean style and Food and Stuff.

Life of a Lab Rat – the Black Knight spends his time being experimented upon by duplicitous superintelligent rats at Sydney Uni.

The Gimp Parade – visibility for disability

Unapologetically Female – some fine feminist essays here

Do drop us a link to good stuff you’ve read recently if you’re so inclined.

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  1. el, that Zeus is a vengeful bugger. It’s all swell when it’s his turn to swan around and waste his essence in golden droplets but let a mere mortal try and get one off the wrist and he gets all huffy!
    Apropos of wanking, I think I saw the most girl-repellent numberplate evah today: a boy-racer in black baby muscle car complete with mags and rear-spoiler and the numberplate DRKHRT. Not even the saddest emo babe would fall for that.

  2. Thank heaven “I Can Has Cheezburger?” is not as long as the infamous RPG motivational poster thread, now I can get some work done.

  3. I do know of other lolcats sites. Just sayin’.

  4. Psst… I hate to be a pedant, but you’ve got a typo in perhaps the funniest place possible there.
    (Also please note that until I proofread, that said “funiest.”)

  5. Ah Kate, I popped that in for my old mates at alt.folklore.urban, some of whom read this blog once in a while. It was one of our in-froup shibboleths. [link].
    The practise was a nod to the old USENet observation that any remark on the spelling/grammar of others was terribly likely to contain an error of its own, a tradition you would have maintained scrupulously had it not been for your l33t pr00fr34d1ng sk1llz.

  6. I didn’t know god hates tennis players.

  7. I only made claims for this lolcats grammatical correctness, not the spelling 🙂
    Good reading: Kim’s post at LP
    Reprise: What’s it like to have one leg?

  8. on the subject of the DRKHRT number plate… is the car a Mitsubishi lancer because i know sum 1 with these plates on a lancer… me an my m8s pay it out heaps 😛

  9. Rhys, I am not an expert on these things, but a quick Google Image check suggests that the car may very well have been one of those.
    I hate to pry, ‘Rhys’, but why does your link go to the MySpace of someone named Leigh in the Phillipines?

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