Holy Act of Congress, Batman!

Who else went through the three phases of Adam West’s Batman? Wide eyed young kid taking BAM! BIFF! utterly seriously, pseudosophisticate thinking it was oh so silly kidstuff, then suddenly rediscovering it through ironic hipster eyes and loving all the tongues in cheeks?

We never got to see this federally-funded anti-sexism advertisment using the Batman cast here in Oz. Pity.

Via Tama-Leaver who has also written a fascinating post (with links to earlier posts) on the Tyranny of Digital Distance for Australians and other geographically distant users ill-served by a model of commerce that doesn’t allow for speed-of-light communications.

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  1. Great blog HAT! I had the Batman experience from childhood in the 60s just as you so accurately described it. Friends have the 1966 Batman feature length movie (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman_%281966_film%29) on DVD and their kids can’t get enough of it. Bright colours and eye-catching acting, staging and filming might account for quite a bit of the attraction to youngsters.


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