Crook as a chook

and a very busy weekend too. Saturday was the extended family get-together for Mothers’ Day and the togster’s birthday (both of which were actually today, but my brother’s partner wanted a nuclear family day for her first Mothers’ Day as a mum (fair enough) so we had the big family thing a day early).

togster very happy with new piece of electronic gadgetry – iPod Nano – and thought the clothes and books weren’t too pukemaking.

I have some bug which is playing merry hell with my sinuses and giving me a tension headache and neck spasms. I hate everything. Bugger off, world.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better, or mainlining antibiotics or something to make you feel better.

  2. Nice to see someone else at the computer early!
    It’s viral, so no antibiotics. However, the sinus stuffage and tension headache have resolved to an URTI now, so I’m just snuffling and coughing instead of having the crankymaking neckache. I’m only moderately miserable today, and am viewing the world with a mere eye of loathing instead of the white-hot hate of a thousand suns.

  3. PS Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day, Mindy!

  4. I did, thank you. Along with the usual quota of housework and bottoms to wipe, we managed to fit in a visit to my Mum which was nice. The kids had a great time too.
    Maybe you could have Mother’s Day again next weekend when you are feeling better?

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