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via Tama Leaver‘s post on a fanboy collectible of Mary Jane from the Spiderman comics (which I have seen around the feminist gamer/comics sites this week already) I find that Nancy Lorenz at has done a parody to show just how silly the same pose would look if Spiderman was doing the washing for MJ. If you haven’t seen the MJ figurine yet, prepare to wince. (It’s sold out, too).

Updated to add: the sculpture and the parody have made BoingBoing now.
Updated again: I have resurrected an abandoned draft post that ties in to the double standard here. [link]
MJwife and Spideywife

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  1. ‘Tis a small world – I came across this a very short time ago, triggered by this thread – and it turns out the artist is on my LJ FOAF-list.

  2. Oh, that trackback post below from When Fangirls Attack has a roundup of all the feminist blogging done on this. Yay.

  3. A lurker has sent me a link to this post about casual misogyny around him in response to watching a college-campus midnight screening of the Spiderman 3 film:

    I was feeling uncomfortable and uneasy by now, and I can’t imagine how any women sitting in the middle of that group must have been feeling. I mean, it’s 3 AM and you’re going to have to walk to your car in the dark with creeps who think hitting women is hilarious.

  4. He’s not bending over quite far enough for my tastes. 🙂


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