3000 votes: Boot Howard out of Bennelong

I like this local initiative from some voters in the Prime Minister’s electorate of Bennelong, whose major slogans are:

A Future without John Howard? It all hangs on 3000 votes.

Just because Howard is the PM, doesn’t mean he has to be our MP.

Campaigning for Fresh Apples in Bennelong

There are apples all over the 3000 votes website – the Granny Smith apple is the emblem of the greater Ryde area, which is most of the seat of Bennelong, so the locals are familiar with the symbology.

At the upcoming 2007 Federal Election, the residents of Bennelong face a simple choice. To re-elect our incumbent MP and PM John Howard only to have him step down twelve months later if the Coalitions wins (or to step down 12 minutes later in the likely event Labor get up) or to cast their vote with another candidate and save themselves the inconvenience of a by-election.

Bennelong voters are also faced with some slightly more complex choices. Do we, as a socio-economic and cultural microcosm of Australia, wish to endure more of the same tired, outmoded rhetoric and policy spearheaded by John Howard or do we desire change and a forward-thinking approach to government?

3000 Votes is a non-partisan campaign formed by a group of young Bennelong residents who do desire change. We, as the adult children and teenage grandkids of the baby boomers understand that it will be our generations who suffer most from the Howard Government’s years of skepticism and inaction on climate change and it is our peers who are most vulnerable to John Howard’s “WorkChoices’ legislation.

And that’s just for starters.

The articles on the campaign skew youth and Green-ish, which may not be to all potential Bennelong voters’ taste, but with a bit of luck the message that it will only take 3000 votes to unseat Howard will nonetheless ring loud and clear to all. Onyas.

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  1. As a Bennelong resident, YES!!! I’ll be supporting Maxine McKew in this campaign, but the important thing is to get Howard out. Of course, I won’t be one of the 3000 votes needed for the seat to change hands, since I’ve voted against Howard in the last two elections.

  2. Howard’s keen to be compared to Menzies. Let’s hope he ends up being compared to Stanley Bruce.

  3. The resounding “who?” to the name Stanley Bruce is a hugely cheering thought in the posterity stakes. Ta.


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