Weekend Wotcha

I love this photo.

What’s everyone up to this weekend? Apart from the usual weekend family stuff, I’m meeting up with some friends for late arvo/early evening drinks on Saturday, and our street is having a champagne brunch gathering on Sunday (mostly to celebrate the eviction of particularly obnoxious neighbours after months of turmoil).

I’ve also got to get out early tomorrow with my bucket to sort out some of the more delicate plants so that they don’t die in tomorrows expected hot and windy scorcher. Good luck to any of you in bushfire territory.

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  1. That is indeed gold.

  2. Recent trivia:

    (July 2007) Filming the 2007 Christmas episode of Doctor Who; Voyage of the Damned with Kylie Minogue in Cardiff.

    What sort of alien is Kylie going to play then?

  3. *sigh* 🙂

  4. “Play”? You mean Kylie isn’t one?

  5. Hmmm. And I wound up in a pub with a bunch of Pagans. Feminist Pagans, so not bad folks after all but no one to drool over. *sigh*

  6. wotcha: Newcastle today to visit family and shoot long overdue family portraits (kids with Nana); Kurrajong tomorrow for a Flickrmeet (wildflower walk on a member’s farm, should be very nice as the weather forecast for that area has improved). In between have watched “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” and processed photo RAW files. Really should be asleep, but glad I looked in here to see that fabulous t-shirt.
    Kylie: Perhaps the Green Fairy will make a reappearance? I’ll be peeved if she’s a damsel in distress …

  7. In the “oh, my kingdom for a video camera” department:
    I was walking nearby when I saw movement up at a balcony window. A large black and white fluffy cat was inside, jumping wildly at the door, disordering the vertical blinds. Then I noticed a large Bogong moth fluttering outside said window – the cat was trying to catch the moth! Absolutely beserk about catching the moth, in fact. Moggy looked utterly ridiculous. What a hoot.

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