And we think we’ve got healthcare problems?

Read La Lubu’s fabulous post at Feministe on her experiences navigating the healthcare maze in the US.

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  1. This would be the system Meester Howard and the Liberals want to drag us (kicking, screaming, and hopefully resisting all the way) toward. The system which stands out against the background of every other first world nation as a glaring exception. The system which fails its people on so many levels.
    Thanks, I’ll stick with Medicare.

  2. And I thought my premiums were high. Some US legislators really need a good slap.

  3. What a nightmare. I don’t understand how we got into the trap, over here, of having health insurance provided (or subsidized) by employers–at least large employers, anyway, as small companies like the one I work for could never, ever, afford to pay everyone’s premiums. I mean, that’s great while you have that job, but with the economy as unstable as it is, employment is by no means secure, and in so many cases if you lose the job, you lose the health insurance.
    The single reason I work is for the health insurance program my company makes available. It’s not subsidized, but it’s only through the company that my family is eligible for the coverage package that we have. We don’t really need my small salary, but we need that insurance. I live in fear of something happening to my job, or to the company I work for. I can always get another job, but being uninsured, even temporarily, is terrifying.

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