Festive Soapmaking, November 2007

A few pictures of the results of my soaping session this week! I haven’t got around to trimming and planing yet, so these are raw.

Cranberry Fig stars. I dusted the molds with gold mica before pouring the soap, and I did a red in-the-pot swirl.


Frankincense and Myrrh holly soap. Same mica-dusting technique. These are prettier in real life – mica never really does photograph well with my low-end equipment.


Pomegranate. Just a little pink mica added to the mix. These have a gorgeous glow to them!


Plumeria soap, pink and yellow swirl. Will look better once planed. And some more of the cranberry fig swirly soap.


Assorted semi-castile reptiles. The dragons have air bubbles because the soap traced very suddenly on me. I must remember that that particular mix of pomace olive with lashings of mango butter moves fast through trace!


Giant Box O’ Soap One


Giant Box O’ Soap Two


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4 replies

  1. As usual, they look lovely. What’s the lad’s favourite?

  2. He’s finding it hard to choose between the dragons and the dinosaurs, but I think the dinosaurs are winning. And of the scents, he likes the cranberry fig and the pomegranate. Fruity scents all the way for him.

  3. Wow, those are beautiful! I especially like the dragon mold.

  4. Thanks annaham! Yes, I love all my dragons, too.

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