Rudd and Gillard sworn in at Government House

The Howard era is officially over. Rudd and Gillard have been sworn in today by the Governor General Michael Jeffery at Government House, in a quite understated ceremony (though there’s a nice rug and posh chairs). Video of the ceremony is here at the ABC.


[image source: SBS World News]


[image source: ABC VIdeo]

Partial transcript from the Telegraph:

“I must … formally ask you for your assurance that you have been elected leader of the party holding the majority of seats in the House of Representatives, that you can form a government and that you will have confidence of the House of Representatives,” Major-General Jeffery said.

Mr Rudd replied: “Your Excellency I’m pleased to advise you that we have such a position and provide you with that assurance.”

Major-General Jeffery: “In that case I’ll now accept the resignation of the Honourable Prime Minister John Howard which has the effect of terminating all the appointments of the former government.

“By the powers conferred on me by the constitution, I’m therefore pleased to swear you in as Australia’s 26th prime minister.”

I wonder if Donatella Versace is itching to scold Gillard about her pantsuit?

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  1. Oh look: <a href="</a&gt; — the economy is already suffering under the Labour government!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. Just goes to show how right Mark Steyn was to wag his finger at us for voting our expert economic manager guy Howard out. What fools we were, what trusting fools!

  3. If the economy does go cactus in ’07-’10 Rudd will be blamed – having nothing to do with the Great Depression didn’t save Jim Scullin.

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