Citizen Howard: No Comment

John Howard is still completely missing in action. Maxine McKew declared victory in Bennelong nearly a week ago, but he is yet to publicly concede or speak to the press.

It is said that he privately conceded to the returning officer, but this is not a public process.

Now, there’s nothing compelling him to concede, but given that he reveres himself as an awesome statesman and historic figure, isn’t his sudden invisibility just a little strange? It lends the impression that he has slunk away, mortified, rather than conceding graciously to the woman who won his seat from him fair and square.

So, Mr Howard, now that you’re just a regular citizen again, how about formally offering thanks and bidding farewell to the electorate that has supported you since 1974? Otherwise, we’re all just going to think you’re a sore loser.

While you’re at it, you might want to update John Howard, MP.

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  1. Here he is!
    he reckons the Libs will be back in power unless
    *They’re stupid
    *They implode
    *They misbehave
    Well, I suppose that’s it for them then.

  2. Har!

    Earlier, Mr Howard received a hero’s welcome at the Liberal Party’s state council in the city – notably leaving before new Liberal leader Brendan Nelson rose to speak.

    Guess he and Costello have been snacking on the same truckload of sour grapes, eh?
    And then mentioning that he is following the example of Trappist monks. A theocon to the core, that one.
    I caught this one on the news, and had a snigger:

    ”It’s a time for us to keep our spirits up, it’s a time for us to keep a very cool head, and it’s a time not to panic or overtly attack each other,” Mr Selig said.

    No overt attacks, Libfolks. Got that?

    Dr Nelson received a standing ovation from delegates. The mood cooled noticeably when he spoke about the need to ensure same-sex couples suffered no financial penalty. But he received vigorous applause when he spoke of climate change.


  3. Rudd has sent back his first refugees – I’m not surprised

  4. Oh and most of Nelson’s winning margin consisted of members who lost their seats – electing Nelson was their final two-fingered salute to the country.

  5. Please can we just let him fade into oblivion, so we can all “move on”? Drooling for petty revenge is stooping to his level. We have a nation to rebuild!
    Nelson is a good enough ‘sacrifice’ for the Liberal Party. Opposition Leader with a new govt in its *honeymoon* period is political career suicide, known as the “death seat”. The Opposition Party usually chooses a sacrificial victim to go up as first term Leader, then does the *real* Leadership challenge mid-term.

  6. Ah, there he is! (It’s not about revenge so much as it’s about closure.) The SMH reports that Howard attended the official declaration of the poll in a library in Bennelong. Sounds like both McKew and Howard behaved graciously at the handover.

    With the handover complete Mr Howard walked quietly over to the tea and biscuits.

    No mention as to whether they were Iced Vo-Vos, though.

  7. Looks like not making any official concession earlier was just about managing the media coverage: they would have been in a frenzy right after the election, whereas now they just turned up and covered the tail end of yesterday’s news. Meant that the journos weren’t yelling nasty questions about failure to him, it was all about “the legacy”.
    I’m happy enough that he hasn’t really been publicly interrogated that much over the implosion of the Libs in the election. That it happened is enough, and I have no particular wish to watch him squirm on TV. He must know deep down that by refusing to retire as leader he lost the Libs their only chance to refresh themselves enough to entice the voters. He doesn’t need journos rubbing his face in it.

  8. Just found this via Greensblog’s LOLPols. Had to share.

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