Blogroll update – for your reading pleasure

The Hoyden blogroll has had a moderately hefty update. Go check it out, there’s plenty of amazing, confronting, hilarious, thought-provoking reading there.

Recent additions include:

Ace Sheilas

Bonza Blokes

Clever Buggers

Funny Bastards

Mob Blogs

Our foreign friends

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  1. Well done for jogging my memory on the blogroll update – I could have sworn quite a few of these were already there, but no!
    Ah well – there now.

  2. Ohhhh thank you so much!

  3. i’m a foreign friend! yay!
    thanks so much for blogrolling me- i’m honored. 🙂
    at the risk of seeming rude and ungrateful, however . . . would it be possible to list my site as “unconventional beauty” rather than “la doctorita”? i know it’s a small thing, but unconventional beauty is technically the title of the site. sorry, i know that’s really nitpicky. 😦

  4. Done, ladoc, and I’m more than happy to adjust entries!

  5. Richie – you’re very welcome. I thought I’d already added you!

  6. Ace Sheilas and Bonza Blokes are all Australian bloggers,

    in Australia, at least, and

    a mixed assortment nationality-wise.

    just to pick nits 😉
    (aka BK. Using my nonymous initials as I comment here in a non-professional capacity)

  7. rpg, as long as you’re living here you’re OURS. Mwahahahahaha etc.

  8. Kind of an un-immigration policy? Do I have to prove a criminal record?

  9. Thanks for the addition. Just a small correction – my name is Ricky Buchanan but my journal’s actually called “Journeying/Journalling”. I’m pretty sure it’s the oldest Aussie journal still in continuous existance 🙂

  10. Cheers Ricky, and fixed!

  11. thanks, lauredhel! i appreciate you dealing with us my-name-is-one-thing-but-my-blog-title-is-another-thing folks. 🙂

  12. Lauredhel, thanks!

  13. Lauredhel, thanks again …
    hey for some reason the site wants to take the name from my email, it won’t just use “Tom.” And I’d rather not have my whole name appear … could you change the name to Tom or just delete the comments? Thanks a lot!

  14. Tom,
    Lauredhel’s probably still sleeping, so I sorted it.
    You should be able to change the name when you post (normally it says “hello, XYZ” and then there’s a link with “change” next to it). Please send an email directly if you have problems again? We don’t want to miss that nice gravatar, do we?

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