Busy day

Today I’m doing some reorganisation of the information architecture here.

Now that WordPress has incorporated tagging we are modifying how we label our posts: instead of having a gazillion proliferating categories, we will shortly have a shorter list of broad categories, and a gazillion proliferating tags 🙂 Thankfully I don’t have to do this all manually, as clever people have created plugins that do this as batch-processing. Yay!

When it’s all done, the category list will be more like a table of contents, while the tag cloud will be more like an index. Both will be searchable from the archives page.

For the curious amongst my fellow geeks, Lorelle has explained it all.
Categories versus Tags – What’s the Difference and Which One?
Tags Are Not Categories – Got It?

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  1. I have also added a Similar Posts plugin, as you should see above. It only shows on single post pages, not on the index page.
    FYI: The plugins I used for reorganising the categories and tags were Batch Categories and Tag Managing Thing.

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