Preparing for the holidays

So, how’s everybody else doing?

I’m panicking. Cards, gifts, decluttering – I’m behind on all of it.

Today I have to drastically trim the rampant “La Nina summer” foliage in the garden (tomorrow is the fortnightly Green Waste collection that our wonderful Greens-heavy council introduced a few years ago) and deal with a beehive that seems to have found a home in a gap in one of our bricks (off to the dreaded Bunnings to get one of those wandy things). We also have a garden arch which has decided to forgo its primary function of verticality, and which has to be sorted.

So blogging from me will be light today. Actually, blogging from me will be pretty light on for the next few weeks, until after the fuss of the New Year is over. I love youse and all, but family comes first right now. Despite her sterling effort over the last few days, Lauredhel is in much the same situation, only worse, because she’s just moved into a new house. So blogging from both of us will (theoretically at least) be slowing down starting pretty much…now.

Still, courtesy of the La Nina summer, I have lots of photos of plants with pretty raindrops, and lots of photos of stormy clouds. I also have many many photos of past holidays etc which I have not yet inflicted upon you. So I’m going to set up a series of scheduled photoblog posts over the next few weeks which will keep the blog ticking over, perhaps leavened with some old stuff due for a re-airing.

Last week’s storms (View Large On Black)

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  1. Though it doesn’t get me out of pre-holiday, work-related pressures, this one time of year I am glad to be an athiest! 🙂

  2. I’m an unbeliever as well, but I still do the holiday stuff. I don’t mind celebrating the turning of the seasons at the solstice with a family gathering and an impetus to reflect on the year gone by.
    It’s just the commercialism that ticks me off, and the fact that I never start preparing early enough that the run-up is a relaxed time in any way.

  3. I’m going to my parents’ place on December 22nd, and before that I have to finish another chapter of my thesis– I will be working on that every day until I leave, weekends included. And I should also look at tidying the house a bit, and finishing up my Christmas shopping which, fortunately, isn’t too much this year.

  4. LOL ignoring it!!! Other than wanting to put something festive on the table for the kids on Midsummer, I’ve purchased some oils and am looking forward to learning how to paint rain clouds.

  5. That photo damn near looks like a river until you see the tennis ball sitting on the very surface, not a bit submerged. I had a bit of a “zuh?!” moment on first glance. Very nice. 🙂

  6. How long has it been since I last commented, and your form still remembers me! I feel loved.

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