They think we can’t smell them a mile off

This guy tried to post in one of our other threads, and because there was a distinct whiff of racist arsehat about his comment, it wasn’t published. We have no interest in our regular commentors being confronted with offensive remarks that make the commenting space an intimidating place, and we are not going to let it occur.

Disagreement is welcome, but keep it civil, because if you submit a comment that is abusive, hateful or otherwise offensive, then we decline to publish it.

His response to his post being moderated, below, has been munged with ROT-13 because it is abusive and potentially triggering. (To transform, copy the text below and paste it into the ROT-13 converter here.)

Urer’f bar ynfg pbzzrag whfg sbe lbh qrnef; fvapr V xabj lbh jba’g cbfg nalguvat V fnl. V fvapreryl ubcr gung ng yrnfg bar bs lbh vf encrq ol na NVQF vasrpgrq oynpx.

His handle is Stiv and he’s posting from a dynamic IP in Annapolis, MD. Charming chap, isn’t he?

Stiv, snookums, nobody is obliged to listen to you if you are being a jerk. “Free speech” means that the government can’t legally shut you up, not that anyone else has to let you say whatever obnoxious crap you like in their own space. Stink up your own blog with hate speech, it’s not getting posted here.

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3 replies

  1. Rape-wishes are the new rape-threats. What a charmer.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Naughty girls down under. With a bullet.

  2. Wow, a rape threat AND a hugely racist remark. That’s a pretty impressive score on the fuckwad scale.
    Cara’s last blog post..Rape: not just ?experimentation? anymore, now also ?disagreement.?

  3. oooh, oooh, we totally need an obnoxious-asshat-would-be-commenter bingo!
    the center square would be “stop trying to take away my right to free speech!” and the others would be stuff like “generic rape threat,” “generic death threat,” “generic racist comment,” etc.
    maybe i’ll create one. although, come to think of it, someone probably already has. 🙂

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