Naughty girls down under. With a bullet.



Hoyden About Town is now top of the pops in a Google Australia search for naughty girls.

Update 26 Dec 07: we’re now second in a worldwide googlesearch for naughty little girls.

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  1. My god, Tigtog, that’s my old school…my god that’s…I wonder what did happen to that lovely gel, Janet Albrechtsen?

  2. Goodness, I’m so proud. *sniff*

  3. That’s so cool. 🙂
    Those girls are straight out of Enid Blyton. Scones with lashings of cream anyone?

  4. Another ginger beer please, there’s a brick!
    Helen’s last blog post..Calling the Hivemind

  5. I say, I’m awfly worried about Saturday’s lacrosse match, wot?

  6. Chin up old girl, you were smashing in practise last week!

  7. Blyton-esque indeed.
    OT: Did anyone see that post “What if Fictional Characters were elected to Parliament” – both it and the US version about Congress were hilarious.
    The choice of “Buster” from the Shiralee as a Greens Senator was a highlight.

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